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Creative Collaboration with Marine Poiraton

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Hey there, adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts!

We are thrilled to introduce our exceptional collaboration with the talented Marine Poiraton. This artistic collaboration has brought forth five unique products, each inspired by the nature and creativity of Marine. Let's explore together the creative process behind these products that combine art, functionality, and a deep love for nature.

The "La Belle Province" T-shirt: Celebrating Quebec

Marine's Creative Process: She gathered several sketches from her mountain hikes in Quebec (Tremblant, Lac Mégantic...). Her aim was to capture the unique topography offered by the Quebec mountains.

Our first product in this collaboration is the "La Belle Province" T-shirt. It encapsulates the very essence of Quebec. With its boxy cut for women, it offers freedom of movement and ultimate comfort. This T-shirt is unisex, meaning everyone can wear it casually and proudly display their love for Quebec. Made with love in Canada, its design is a true tribute to the beauty of our Quebecois environment. It's an invitation to explore and celebrate the natural treasures that make Quebec proud. To learn more, click here.

The Microfiber Towel: Art at the Service of Adventure

Anecdote: Before delving into the microfiber towel, we wanted to mention that, in fact, Marine initially designed the label for the white cotton beanie. We fell in love with it, so we decided to adapt it to the towel. 🫶🏼

Marine's Creative Process: The idea began with the theme of nature and mountains. Marine initially sketched several typography options for the beanie label, along with some proposals featuring mountain backgrounds. These mountains eventually became the central theme and were adapted onto the towel. The color palette was chosen based on Marine's regular selection for drawing mountain landscapes. For the mountain silhouette, she drew inspiration from Jasper National Park in Western Canada.

Our second product is the microfiber towel, an accessory that surpasses all expectations. Compact, lightweight, soft, and highly absorbent, this towel is a champion in drying you off. What truly makes it special is the unique design created by Marine Poiraton. Its vibrant colors and lively patterns transform it into a genuine masterpiece. Whether you're heading to the beach, the mountains, or just having a picnic in the park, this microfiber towel will accompany you everywhere, adding an artistic touch to all your outdoor adventures. Order it now!

The Camping Mug: Thirst for Art and Adventure

Do you have a thirst for nature and culture? If so, our camping mug is perfect for you! It's ideal for carrying your dose of adventure wherever you go. Whether you're sipping coffee at sunrise while camping or enjoying hot tea by a campfire, this mug adds an artistic touch to your outdoor experience. Learn more: right here.

The "Les Saisons - Mountain Lines" Long-Sleeve Sweater: Natural Elegance

Finally, our last product is the "Les Saisons - Mountain Lines" long-sleeve sweater. It's a garment that seamlessly combines elegance and comfort, designed for nature enthusiasts. With its unisex cut, it provides a comfortable fit for everyone. Its timeless navy blue color complements any outfit perfectly. The delicate embroidery captures the essence of our brand and the beauty of our environment. Whether you're hiking in the forest or exploring the city, this embroidered sweater reflects your love for nature and your support for a Quebec-based brand.

Order it now and receive it in a few days.

Let's celebrate nature with this collaboration

This collaboration with Marine Poiraton has been a harmonious meeting of art, nature, and our shared commitment to preserving our environment. Each of these products embodies our love for nature and our desire to share this passion with you. We hope these works of art inspire you as much as they have inspired us. So, if you're looking to add a touch of art, nature, and ethics to your life, look no further. These pieces are the result of an exciting collaboration, and we hope they accompany you on all your outdoor adventures.

Let's celebrate our love for nature with these unique creations born from an artistic collaboration.

Stay adventurous,

Les Saisons Team ⛰️🫶🏼

P.S. To learn more about Marine, visit her website.

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