Someone holding a bunch of dandelions in a field with a beautiful sky in the background.

Do you remember those carefree moments of your childhood, where you were immersed in nature, the great outdoors, and art?

At Les Saisons, we believe in the magic of those precious moments, and we want to bring you back to that sense of freedom. We offer you clothing that will accompany you on your outdoor adventures, allowing you to reconnect with nature while staying stylish and comfortable.

Les Saisons is much more than just an outdoor clothing brand. It's an invitation to fully experience the seasons and preserve our shared playground: nature.

Welcome to Les Saisons, where each season is an endless source of inspiration!

Our Story

Les Saisons came to life in October 2022, sparked by the brilliant idea of our founder, Natasha—an avid outdoor enthusiast. As she ventured through various outdoor activities, she discovered the significance of having clothing designed specifically for each adventure. Natasha's vision went beyond functionality; she aimed to create garments that were not only practical but also infused with art and local collaborations. Les Saisons means "The Seasons" in English.

Thus, Les Saisons was born—a collective dedicated to outdoor enthusiasts, providing responsible products made right here in Canada through collaborations with local businesses. We truly value the essence of local production and proudly prioritize products made within our own country as our top choice.

Our Values

At Les Saisons, we live by a set of values that make our adventures even more fun!

Sustainable + Ethics

When it comes to our fabrics, we're like detectives on a mission. We dig deep to find the perfect blend of functionality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing. We're all about high-quality materials that can handle the twists and turns of outdoor activities, keeping you comfortable and looking fantastic.


But here's where the real magic happens: we're big fans of local artists and their incredible talent. We believe in infusing our garments with their creativity and giving them a platform to shine. Picture this: you're wearing a cool hoodie or a stylish pair of socks, and it's not just any design—it's a work of art that tells a story. It's like wearing a canvas that brings your outdoor adventures to life!

And we can't forget about our own design superpowers. We're all about creating cuts and styles that make you feel like a true adventurer, ready to conquer new heights. We blend functionality with a sprinkle of fashion flair, so you can move freely and confidently while rocking the latest trends.


At Les Saisons, we're not just a brand—we're a fun-loving collective on a mission. We love collaborating and investing in our local ecosystem, all while protecting our favorite playground: nature. Together, we can make a positive impact and preserve the beauty of our planet for future adventurers.

In Brief

Les Saisons is your passport to fun, fashionable, and responsible outdoor gear. So, join us on this exciting journey, where every season is a chance to embrace the outdoors, express your unique style, and have an absolute blast!