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Reflecting on One Year

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Hello to all Les Saisons enthusiasts!

On November 10th, we celebrated our first anniversary, and let me tell you, it was a memorable evening at Campus Escalade in Victoriaville! It has been an absolutely incredible year, full of lessons, laughter, challenges, and most importantly, an extraordinary community. We wanted to share a little recap of this adventure with all of you.


From the start, we've worked hard to create, test, wear, and sell several products. Our commitment goes beyond merely producing goods; we ensure that each creation is not only of high quality but also that our practices prioritize the well-being of both the planet and people. Our shelves have been filled with unique creations, and it was thanks to you, your support, and encouragement that Les Saisons was able to grow. But that's not all; this year allowed us to have wonderful encounters and magical partnerships with amazing local artists like Marine Poiraton, Laurémie, Noemie Éclipse, Juliart, Charles Turcotte, and many more. These collaborations have allowed us to flourish and discover the artistic richness of our region.

Speaking of discoveries, we also had the chance to meet fantastic local businesses during the various events we participated in. These moments taught us a lot and helped us grow, despite the obstacles encountered. Yes, there were hurdles, but each time, we rose stronger and more determined than ever.

Oh, and how could we forget our first team bonding experience? It was a moment of camaraderie and shared happiness, where work and well-being balanced perfectly.

Throughout this adventure, we've discovered new products and developed new ideas, and it's all thanks to all of you who follow and encourage us every day.

Our anniversary

Now, let's talk about our anniversary celebration! We set up a Les Saisons booth where our creations were showcased, accompanied by music and a delightful climbing atmosphere. Artist Laurémie honored us with her presence by creating silk-screen prints on upcycled shirts. It was astonishing to see how our community has grown and gathered to celebrate this significant milestone with us.

We just wanted to say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being by our side throughout this extraordinary adventure. Thank you for your support, your love, and your encouragement. It's because of you that Les Saisons is where it is today.

We're excited to share even more adventures and discoveries with you in the years to come. Stay tuned because new ideas are already buzzing in our minds, and we can't wait to present them to you!

Thank you for being the most incredible community.

See you soon!

The Les Saisons Team 🫶🏼⛰️

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