Softness and Reflections with Noémie Eclipse

Softness and Reflections with Noémie Eclipse

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We are excited to share the captivating story behind our collaboration with the talented Noémie Eclipse, a local tattoo artist whose creativity knows no bounds. Come along with us on a delightful adventure as we explore the inspiration and skill that brought our collaboration  "S'arrêter un instant" to life!

Crafting "S'arrêter un instant"

Noémie looks back on how this amazing project started, sharing,"I was given carte blanche to create a t-shirt for with the only guideline being "perhaps a bird?" Immediately, my thoughts turned to Bic, one of my favorite places in the world, and the majestic herons that inhabit it. The desire to pay homage to this splendid bird and the mythical location led to the birth of "S'arrêter un instant" – an ode to the present moment, raindrops dancing on the skin, contemplation, and the crisp air of the St. Lawrence River. It captures the silhouette of a landscape recognizable from miles away, offering a refuge of softness, calm, and slowness" – elements essential to Noemie's current adventure.

Noemie Eclipse Sketch draw

The Fit and Feel

For Noémie, this project became a vessel of memories, scents, and emotions, a creative endeavor that transcended the boundaries of mere design. The fit of the t-shirt is intentionally oversized, promoting a sense of comfort that is not only physical but also deeply resonant with the emotions woven into its fabric.

"S'arrêter un instant" Noemie Eclipse T-ShirtThe Ethical Journey

But the tale doesn't end there – the creation of "S'arrêter un instant" aligns with our commitment to values that extend beyond aesthetics. The t-shirt was meticulously manufactured by a U.S.-based company that shares our ethos. This company, much like us, believes in the marriage of quality and sustainability. Their highly trained team operates in a safe environment, resembling a close-knit family, and their vertically integrated approach ensures control over the entire manufacturing process. They champion domestic farmers and the U.S. yarn industry, embodying the essence of environmentally-friendly practices by sourcing organic cotton and recycled materials. 

Celebrating "S'arrêter un instant"

As you slip into the soft embrace of "S'arrêter un instant," let it be more than just a piece of clothing. Let it be a symbol of collaboration, nature's beauty, and a commitment to values that resonate with the gentle whispers of the world around us. Join us in celebrating the artistry of Noémie Eclipse and the dedication of our manufacturing partners who bring this wearable masterpiece to life. Explore the softness, embrace the calm, and savor the slowness – just as Noémie intended.

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