Spotlight on Local Talent: Charles Turcotte

Simon Swain

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Here at Les Saisons, we are always looking to collaborate with local talent. We are proud to present Charles Turcotte, a artist that uses his tattoo and painter skills to give us beautiful and original designs. Tag along as we explore his background and his inspirations for his creations. 

Spotlight on Local Talent: Charles Turcotte

Charles Turcotte is a distinguished tattoo artist and painter from Quebec City. Proud graduate of Laval University with a bachelor's degree in visual arts (class of 2018), Charles has built up an impressive portfolio with over fifteen exhibitions to his name. His expertise in tattooing has taken him to cultural hubs such as New York and Paris, where his work has gained international acclaim.


The creative thought process

Charles's artistic mind is a vibrant tapestry where animals often take center stage. Through his exploration of nature themes, he crafts a story that mirrors human history, reflecting a deep connection with the natural world. His art, often described as naive or primitive, can be seen as a glimpse of a simple and honest sensibility. 


The long-sleeve: Art, comfort and warmth 

Designed with a perfect blend of comfort and style, the long-sleeve is ideal for any occasion. It features intricate designs inspired by Charles's love for nature and animals, making it not just a piece of clothing, but a wearable work of art. Made from high-quality materials, it offers a snug fit while allowing for ease of movement. 


Evolving naturally 

Someone, somewhere has said "Where there's a shirt, a hat follows", and we told ourselves just that. Not long ago, we decided to collaborate again together and create something fun and classic. He followed his artistic ways to help us create a hat that goes with any and all outfits with a retro vibe. If we had to describe this hat in three words, they would be comfortable, stylish and artsy.

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We are honoured to collaborate once again with Charles Turcotte in our artist series, bringing his colorful and evocative creations to a broader audience. 

Les Saisons team 

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